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FITUR Apa yang Akan Anda Hargai Di Rumah Anda?


Since, for many of us, the price of our dwelling, represents our single – suitable, monetary asset, as properly as being, an needed, fundamental problem, of the so – known as, American Dream, doesn’t it manufacture sense, to steal the time, and manufacture the trouble, to steal into fable, thoroughly, what. which facets, are most indispensable to you, and why? In diversified phrases, what FEATURES make you watched, it is probably you’ll per chance like / enjoy, for your online page? With that in thoughts, this article will try to, like a flash, steal into fable, peep, overview, and talk about, the usage of the mnemonic technique, what this kind and represents, and why, it matters, to whether or now not you will likely be capable to completely, in fact, enjoy your online page .

1. Furnishings; future: Are you expecting to, employ your existing furnishings, for your contemporary dwelling? Will this furnishings, and fixtures, fit properly, into these rooms? How indispensable, and stressful, are these, and, make, keeping them, develop valid into a non – starter ? How could per chance your future wants, be addressed, in a capability dwelling? Peep your precedence, and proceed, along with your, eyes – wide – commence !

2. Energy – connected: With the ever – increasing costs, and costs, connected to energy components, it is far suitable, to peep, existing heating, air – conditioning, and a lot of others, programs, by manner of performance, efficiency, effectiveness, and expense . How indispensable is having an environmentally, superior, green – dwelling, to you?

three. Location: Will the placement, and particular dwelling, of the functionality purchase, be someplace, which aligns along with your wants, and precedence, by manner of commuting, transportation, security, conveniences, shopping, leisure, and a lot of others?

4. Traits; taxes: Don’t disregard to steal into fable, the valid estate taxes, and teach, these, into, your total monthly housing budget! Peep the previous inclinations, and dwell up for future, extra costs? Enact the facets of this dwelling, steal advantage of these trends, which subject, most, to you?

5. True; long-established / uncommon; distinctive: Take into fable, both, your long-established wants, as properly as, uncommon necessities! Which facets could per chance very properly be most important, and why? Are they indispensable, or deal – breakers ? Enact you, and your family, bear any distinctive wants, targets, priorities, and perceptions?

6. Articulate; rewarding: What facets, does the yelp, geographic shriek, supply, that could per chance very properly be most appealing to you? How will you manufacture dwelling there, most rewarding, to you, and your family?

7. Excellence: While no dwelling, has the entirety you hope for, or dream about, be distinct, especially, in these areas, most indispensable to you, the emphasis is on excellence, rather then, merely, fair valid – enough!

8. Programs; sustainable; alternatives: Completely peep all programs, and bear a well informed, dwelling inspector / engineer, steal into fable it, for you, to make obvious that, the bones of the dwelling, are stable! Take into fable proceeding with properly – concept to be, sustainable alternatives, and actuality, so that you will likely be capable to enjoy your online page, in the short, as properly as longer – term!

The more you know, and steal into fable the FEATURES, the better probability, of constructing the qualified choices! Be a wise, dwelling – buyer!

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