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Regurgitationalistics kami


Man has by no procedure invented a single thing (as of this writing) … ever by no procedure … nothing unusual … by no procedure … now now not one unusual ingredient has been launched into lifestyles. All we’ve finished is ‘assemble’ issues to be one thing else, and we call it ‘inventing’. Semantics, I do know … but our suggestions and the plenty of issues we dispute (talk) own the identical tendency … regurgitating issues in a varied procedure, but they are the identical droning message (repeating facts, citing scripture, gossip, and tons others ) … over and but again. Love we discovered a unclean, typical, encrusted nickel … polished it up and claimed it as our own … holding it up for the arena to survey and in turn exclaiming our pleasure for this unusual nickel of ours.

Sure … the observe “Regurgitationalistics” doesn’t even exist … well … it will now … since I’m the usage of it. In actuality I morphed the observe Regurgitation, which fundamentally procedure; to present serve or repeat, especially one thing now now not absolutely understood or assimilated . Now … I’m now now not writing this to educate you some cherish invent or regurgitation … relatively …

I genuinely own observed that we have a tendency to bag all caught up communicating and sharing suggestions, suggestions, “facts and records” and that we without fetch 22 situation tumble into the entice of correct being talking-heads … largely. Giving nearly NO thought to what we are sharing … correct too busy repeating one thing we heard … one thing we observed … one thing one more person shared with us. Almost monkey-esteem in our zeal to ‘pass along’ some nugget of facts … as even if we are getting a finders-price, or accolades for being the one to survey this kind of nugget … all gleeful and chuffed with ourselves.

This hasty-fireplace procedure of passing facts along is leaving us brainless … coaching us to have faith-much less in regards to the message (s) we are passing along … giving us that instantaneous gratification that we did society a settle on by making sure this message doesn’t die on my doorstep … at my toes … on my thought … that it carries on into the future … that someplace, come what could, someone is touched by it.

So plenty of our social-web sites present the finest instruments to inspire us pass-along issues that we both earn, or their web page (feed) has discovered for us … thought … as you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be finally realizing (expectantly), these sites ‘thought’ you and tune your traits … apply your links … ‘hear’ to your words, and that in turn allows them narrate you stuff … and you bag impressed and ‘touched’ by some transferring observation. .. some touching sunset with basically the most romantic or spiritual-ish-sounding-potentially-correct observation … you’ll want to well correct NOT resist posting it to your ‘friends’ … without EVER adding your own commentary … without EVER telling us what ‘that’ components to you … how ‘that’ touched your coronary heart (or suggestions) and motivated you to share it with us.

Recognizing class, positive, even recognizing acceptable personality traits in others isn’t any space to discontinue … I mean … passing some comely narrate along to others … procedure more-so when it has some ‘finest’ quote in it. .. is correct SO tempting. Whereas you thought one thing esteem that, you’ll want to well perhaps additionally honest own in suggestions, ” oh … I must narrate others this ‘nugget of truth’ and pass it along to these spherical me!

NOT! Decide some time to own in suggestions ‘why’ that moves you … ‘why’ it caught your attention … and ‘why’ you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be bothering to share it with us. Dispute us how that makes ‘you’ feel … what you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be experiencing and why that seems to be to impact you.

OK … per chance you’re now now not pondering all that deeply about these snippets of facts. But, that IS the level … we are studying to NOT own an usual thought … we are losing contact with taking the time to own in suggestions one thing before passing it along … to even add ‘our flavor’ to it. No … now now not change the yarn and bag it your own … correct that we should always utilize a tiny more time to learn to explicit one thing uniquely ours … now now not passing along one more person’s wittiness, skill, or alive to commentary.

Decades ago now, I became getting usual texts from a luxurious friend … a christian brother who has been saved ’bout as long as me … we each had been baptized on the identical time in the identical space. Cass would send me scriptures by texts on my phone. Two issues that had been corrupt about this

  • This became serve in the day when text messages cost 10 cents per message (reckoning on your ‘conception’), and some of the significant passages he would send would unfold during 4 or 6 text messages … costing me some 60 cents at any time when!
  • He by no procedure, EVER had any commentary in regards to the passage … by no procedure EVER prefaced it or adopted up with some “and I have faith” commentary.

Sooner or later, I finally texted him serve and requested him to both commence telling me WHY this scripture conjures up him to send it, or discontinue sending them. Uh … he stopped sending them!

And, that is the core of my level … we bag our warmth-fuzzies passing issues along, but we rarely add one thing else in regards to the ‘thing’ or what it components to us at that second … why we are forwarding, why we are tagging, why we are ‘liking’, why we are even making any fuss over it. Know-how devices on the present time bag it so easy to ‘pass it along’ … to hasty let others know and test this ‘magical’ snippet that has moved us.

With out us aspiring to let it happen, that is teaching us to mimic godliness … to repeat what we thought, or hear … to ‘be esteem’ we are spiritual. Over time and with repetition, we are going to convince even ourselves how ‘terminate to God’ we are, or how ‘now now not esteem these sinners’ we are, and worse … how much closer we are to superior than infamous. And … that will get us closer to ‘the rub’ … the flaw … the core discipline with regurgitating facts … to retweeting … to liking … to merely ‘tagging’ issues for which you approve . You invested NO time or energy into all of it … you merely ‘raised your hand in approval’. We’re turning into lifestyles-esteem, but now now not stout of lifestyles … relatively robotic and calculated.

They’ve ears, but they hear now now not: noses own they, but they smell now now not. – Psalms a hundred and fifteen: 6

Going thru the motions is getting more straightforward and more straightforward to bag. With SO many solutions to learn to bag issues, from DIY channels, to web sites, to the well stocked YouTube build … nearly one thing else you need to learn could well additionally additionally be discovered. But, it’s far these delicate mechanisms in our lives this expose day that’s making it more challenging for us to even understand it goes on.

Lots so, that we are warned that our ‘acting esteem God’ mannerisms are going to blind-facet us … going to fetch us honest correct on the very worst time in our lives when it’s far too late. Scrutinize this warning Jesus gave us;

Many will tell to me in that day, Lord, Lord, own we now now not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name own solid out devils? and in thy name finished many out of the ordinary works? After which will I profess unto them, I by no procedure knew you: go from me, ye that work iniquity. – Matthew 7: 22-23

Looks to be odd to me … I mean, the of us acknowledge they had been doing issues “in thy name”, but they reach up looking the Lord’s hope for our lives … the ministry He wants us to painting. But, to own the Lord tell, ” … go from me, I by no procedure knew you ” seems to be harsh. Bear in mind … it’s far NOT how well we know the Lord … it’s far how well the Lord is conscious of us!

Scream usual thought … learn to explicit your suggestions … learn to personalize that ‘esteem’ … learn to beautify that ‘retweet’ … learn to bag a subject topic your own. Any monkey can ‘pass it along’, esteem you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be in some Chinese Fire Drill line, or one thing. How? Two key components;

  • Behold & Rightly divide His observe
  • Develop Some Fruit

Me ?? There own continuously been two scriptures or ‘phrases’ I genuinely own saved terminate in my coronary heart and suggestions … ” Behold to narrate thyself approve d” and ” Rightly dividing the observe “. Then, learn to ‘set’ some scripture or some godly precept … even correct to share one thing out of your lifestyles or coronary heart that conjures up you to ‘mark’ this narrate, this phrase, or this particular hyperlink (on the social media sites) .

Neutral about all of us acknowledge class … nearly all of us acknowledge positive … nearly all of us acknowledge one thing interesting, or motivating, or even correct merely one thing that ‘matters in lifestyles’, esteem a quote, a phrase, or a nugget of truth. Decide an additional tiny second … utilize a tiny extra thought-time … utilize a tiny extra energy and proper encompass how / why this ‘thing’ matters to you.

For plenty of shall reach in my name, announcing, I’m Christ; and shall deceive many. – Matthew 24: 5

THAT honest correct there is one in every of the core causes we should always bag two issues; 1) add some additional dialog or feedback in regards to the ‘share’ you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be passing along, and 2) correct pass-over any ‘share’ one more person has handed on without genuinely giving it procedure more attention.

Watch … the subtly of heresy … the still agreeableness of half-truth … the believability of loads of the ‘superior issues in lifestyles’ can genuinely ease you correct into a compromising acceptance of the wisdom of the arena. Earlier than you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be even conscious, it turns correct into a second-nature response to your lifestyles … turns correct into a lunge-to- observation you’ll want to well expend when someone asks “how is your day”, or “how is your faith”, or even deeper and more serious … “how is your stroll with God”.

Splitting hairs? No … setting apart the sheep from the goats, even if! Watch … being responsive to God’s observe … being “realized” in the predominant points … being exposed to His teaching ample to thwart the wayward and slippery-slope twists that could well additionally additionally be tossed about … this would be very crucial.

Now … now now not everybody goes to be a creator … now now not everybody goes to be a preacher … now now not everybody goes to be a singer … etc. You potentially can additionally very well be you … you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be His child, known as to be who He wants you to be … be that! Neutral … resist doing the rapid-n-soiled ‘esteem’ … the easy scan ‘retweet’ … the rushed 5 observe respond to someone’s ‘share’. But, learn to apply YOUR ‘fruit’ from the Lord … the particular skill … the particular ‘perception’ the Lord has bestowed to your lifestyles … or is attempting to bestow. Watch … 1 Corinthians 12: eight-12 reminds us all of us own varied ‘fruits’ from a lifestyles lived in the Lord … and, fruit is the PROOF that there is lifestyles … fruit is the outcomes of a typical and well established plant … fruit is the serve the plant has gleaned from a hearty root system, expansive exposure to sun, and deep and prosperous consumption of the nutrients in the bottom.

For to one is given by the Spirit the observe of wisdom; to one more the observe of facts by the identical Spirit; To one more faith by the identical Spirit; to one more the items of healing by the identical Spirit; To one more the working of miracles; to one more prophecy; to one more discerning of spirits; to one more divers types of tongues; to one more the interpretation of tongues: But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to each man severally as he’ll. For because the body is one, and hath many members, and the total members of that one body, being many, are one body: so additionally is Christ. – 1 Corinthians 12: eight-12

Now … bag NOT bag available in the market and pounce on any and each ‘violator’ of this regurgitationalistic discipline … bag now now not glimpse them out … bag now now not hunt them down and terrorize them till they repent or discontinuance to be so flippant as to correct ‘esteem’ issues on the social sites. The Bible tells us in 1 Peter Three:15 , ” But sanctify the Lord God to your hearts: and be ready continuously to present an approach to each man that asketh you a reason of the hope that’s in you with meekness and apprehension: ” .

That is to dispute that we are to prepare our hearts … prepare our minds … prepare our lifestyles … ‘they’ will understand … ‘they’ will utilize impress … ‘they’ will finally demand of you , and you’ll want to well perhaps then ‘ give yarn of the hope that’s inside of you ‘. But, at the same time as you proceed to expend the social sites to ‘esteem’ or ‘retweet’ or even to ‘post a hyperlink’ without even including your commentary on the topic … you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be missing an opportunity to personalize why that ‘esteem’ even matters.

You potentially can well be a strategy of roughly of us that correct steal to care for your knowing to yourself … to care for quiet … to care for away from a war … even to correct resolve to care for the peace, as it had been. All these are perhaps correct how the Lord has developed you to be. More occasions than now now not, even if … these are bag away routes for us … they are ways we now own quietly surrendered to in our lives correct to chug thru this tough lifestyles without making matters worse, more advanced and proper working toward being much less conflicting .


Too consistently, it’s far additionally being now now not sure of what to even tell … where to ‘discipline’ others … or to ask the half-truth of some “settle for all of us” poem or quote. That’s the reason I’d mentioned discovering out the Observe of the Lord … studying the ins-n-outs … exposing yourself to the deeper little print. Point of reference … ready?

There were more than “two of each animal” ushered onto the Ark!

Think I’m joking? Stride examine it out! They went IN “two-by-two” (male and feminine), but there were MANY more than correct two of each! MANY! Genesis 7: 1-5

There … that could well well be a tiny more of what I’m announcing … what I’m hoping to inspire you ‘thought’. Too most of the ‘issues of this world’ own influenced the songs we voice, the poems we esteem, even the phrases we pass along to our young ones. But, they are half-truths consistently, and we correct quietly ‘esteem’ them … or ‘retweet’ them, and even correct allow them to pass on by without raising a hand in disapproval, assuredly for 2 causes; 1) ignorant and don’t know any greater, and 2) too horrified (and lacking facts) to ‘buck the system’, as it had been. In each circumstances, bag one thing about it! Sure, the predominant one takes time (must read, learn, adsorb, and search the advice of with others), but that second one is the one which assuredly stops us … correct horrified … ailing equipped … cautious. The Bible tells us to ‘prepare’, but now now not to be disturbed ‘what to dispute’, since the Holy Spirit will come up with the words when it’s far time. I mean … it ‘became’ the Holy Spirit to your lifestyles that riled your attention … why wouldn’t it additionally be the Holy Spirit that can provide the words … present that give a grab to.

And after they devise you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, utilize ye no thought how or what thing ye shall solution, or what ye shall tell. – Luke 12:Eleven

The core level is … bag more than correct have faith issues passing thru your lifestyles. Construct more than correct ‘retain the peace’ … bag more than correct ‘esteem’, ‘retweet’ and ‘post a hyperlink’. This stuff bag it ‘appear’ esteem you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be in the know … appear esteem you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be connected … appear esteem you’ll want to well perhaps additionally very well be up to velocity. But, add some ‘why this matters to me’ commentary … add some “and the Lord showed me this” dialog … add just a few of His Spirit to the assets you tell and bag. Trade your regurgitationalistic solutions to usual suggestions!


I admire to bag three issues after I thought one thing I be pleased I must ‘pass along’;

  • Why – why this caught my attention (hyperlink, narrate, phrase, article, and tons others)
  • What – what it components to me, how I ‘feel’ about it
  • How – how to even be impacted by it too (now now not merely pointing out, “this would well additionally honest change your lifestyles”)

Now … lunge on … Scream Authorized Belief!

… additionally, ‘esteem’ this page! Kidding … correct kidding!

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